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If you are planning a baby shower then baby shower themes can help you more.

A theme serve as a inspiration for decorations, games, even invitations and food. You can chose how to decorate your party, which games to play, how your invitation should look like and even you can decide what kind of food offer at party according to the theme you have selected.

For Example: If you have chosen Diaper Theme then - begin with sending diaper cut- out invitation. Guests should bring their own diaper gifts with a particular size.

It makes planning and preparation simpler and guests will enjoy the instant gift ideas that come with a theme. Themes add uniqueness in the party. Selecting a theme helps the organizer to organize a party.

  1. Hollywood Theme
    Decorate your baby shower with Hollywood stars and movies. Decorate it with Hollywood moms and their movies focused on babies.
    For Example:
    Moms- Nicole kidman, Jackie Onasis, Pamela Anderson, Jodie Foster..
    Movies- Raising Arizona, Three Men and A Baby, Baby Boom, Look Who's Talking.

    Goto Famous Mothers Games
    Includes 3 games -
    Celebrity baby name match
    Famous mothers
    Name that mommy.

  2. Nursery Rhymes
    Decoration: For decoration you can use the pictures of Humpty Dumpty, Little Bo Peep, or the famous Mother Goose - cows jumping over the moon, little Jack Horner sitting in a corner.

    Food: Serve a cake marked with a "B", Hot Cross Buns, Cottage Cheese.

    Nursery Rhyme Trivia
    Name That Nursery Rhyme
    Nursery Rhyme Scramble

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