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 Some Unique Baby Shower Games

  1. Acro
    Take some series of random letters (ECBDMH, for example) and have guests come up with acronyms, such as Every Cute Baby Deserves More Hugs. Prizes can be awarded for the funniest answers.

  2. Captions
    Cut out pictures of babies from various magazines and such, and then have guests come up with captions for the photos. Humorous captions Wins!

  3. I'm going on a trip...
    An old favorite game played on long bus rides. Play the baby version by having a guest start out by saying something along the lines of "I'm taking baby on a trip..." and I'm bringing...then name a baby item that starts with A, like applesauce. The next person would repeat what the first person said, and add a B item "I'm taking baby on a trip and I'm bringing applesauce and a bib...". If a guest finds they cannot remember all the previous items, or cannot think of one for their letter, they are out of the game. Award a prize to the last person still in the game.

  4. Mad Libs
    Write a silly story about the parents-to-be and baby. Take out random words, and then make a list for guests to replace the words you took out (without letting them hear the story first). Ask guests to write down a random noun, verb, pronoun, adjective, color, name, etc to match the missing words. Collect the guests' answers, and read the story aloud, using the new words. These can get very funny, so you may want to keep the stories in your scrapbook after the party!

  5. Story Go Round
    Have one person begin a story, such as "Once upon a time, a very sweet little baby was born..." and go around the room having guests add a bit to the story. Have someone to write down the story as it is told if you wish to keep it in mom's scrapbook.

  6. Whisper Chain
    Have the person sitting next to mom-to-be whisper a bit of baby advice in the ear of the person sitting on the other side of her. Have each person continue to whisper the advice to each other until it gets back around to mom, and have her say the advice she heard out loud. The purpose is that many times people will not hear the phrase correctly or forget before they pass it on, and by the time it gets to mom its completely jumbled up. Longer phrases work better as they are easier to get wrong.

  7. Story Telling
    Have guests write their own stories for baby. Save them in the baby's scrapbook to read to him/her when he/she is older.

  8. Onesie Painting
    Supply baby t-shirts or onesie outfits (plain white works best) and puff paints for your guests. Have them decorate a shirt any way they want, and keep the finished products either as a keepsake or for baby to wear.

  9. Write a Letter to Baby
    Have guests write a letter to the baby. These should be saved in the baby's scrapbook so he/she can read them when he/she is older.

  10. Draw a Picture of Baby
    Have guests draw picture of a baby, and award prizes for best drawing, most humorous, most creative, etc.

  11. I Predict
    Have guests write down their predictions for things such as baby's birth weight, hair color, first word, future occupation, etc. To make it a humorous game, don't tell the guests what they are choosing, simply ask them to name a color, number, occupation, etc and then fill in the blanks mad lib style.

  12. Is It Real?
    This is a sort of true or false game. Come up with a list of real baby products, and also some fake ones. Ex: such as automatic diaper changer mentioned above. The more wacky the real ideas, and reasonable the fake ideas, the better. Have guests determine if each product is real, or imaginary.

  13. Price is Right
    Have guests try to determine the actual store price of 10-15 baby products. Prize awarded for most correct guesses.
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