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 Free Baby Shower Game Idea

  1. Gum Baby
    Give all guests a piece of chewing gum. After each guest has chewed their chewing gum, set the timer for 1 or 2 minute and see who can form the best gum baby with their gum. Whoever makes the best looking baby wins.

  2. Baby animals
    Each guest is given a list containing animal names on the left, and a list of animal babies names on the right. The guests have to match the animal to the name of their baby. Who matches the most correct is the winner.
    Ex: Frog = tadpole, Cow = calf

  3. Baby Food Game with a "twist"
    Another version of the "baby food game".... choose 4 guests to participate and blind fold them as well as put a bib on them. This takes away some of their senses, just like when you are feeding a baby and they have no idea of what kind of food they are about to eat. Give each person a bite of 4-6 different kinds of baby food. Each blind folded person has to guess at what kind of baby food that they ate. The person with the most correct answers wins.

  4. The Tray Game with a "TWIST"
    Everyone knows the tray game but this one has a little twist to it. Have a tray with various baby items on it and walk around with it or pass it around to each guest (prefer hostess hold it), give all guests' paper to write down everything they remember but not about the items on the tray. They need to know the answers to your questions about "The Mom-to-Be" attire. Of course the Mom-to-be has to leave out of the room.
    "What color shirt is she wearing?"
    "Long sleeve or short sleeve?"
    "How is her hair?"
    "What color necklace if any?"

  5. Baby Food Game with a Twist
    In disposable diapers put the flavors of 10 or more different flavors of baby food into separate diapers (the diaper then looks soiled). Number the diapers and the flavors, pass the dirtied diapers around and let everyone guess at the look or the taste of the flavor in the diaper. The person with the most correct guesses wins the game.

  6. Questions about the couple
    Get a set of 10 to 20 questions about the expecting couple time &see who gets the most amount right, questions should be about how well they know them and so on.

  7. Whose Baby Is Born First?
    This is really a wonderful game. First you go to a craft store and buy some of those little (tiny) "plastic babies" that you can use on decorations. Then what you have to do is fill up some ice trays then drop the little babies in them, put them in the freezer and make sure they freeze all the way. When you guests arrive give them a small plastic cup with the ice cube in it. The object of the game is to see " whose baby is born first?", they are not allowed taking the baby out of the cup.

  8. Name 5 things
    Give guests 10 seconds to name 5 things in a selected category such as baby food flavors, baby bath items, things in a diaper bag, things moms tell their kids.

    To make it more challenging, have a set list of replies on an answer key and only award points when the player's answer matches what you have.

  9. Smell and Guess the baby food?
    Have 5 baby food jars. Take the labels off the jars and mark the bottom of the jar with a number 1-5. Blindfold the guest and let them smell and guess the baby food. Have everybody write down what type of baby food they think is in each jar. The guest with the most correct answers wins this baby game. You could also have guests taste the baby food and guess.

  10. Guess the Baby Food
    Have 10 baby food jars. Remove each label from the jars & mark the bottom of the jar with a number 1-10. On a poster board tape the labels from the jars, have the guest try to match them with the right baby food. Just make sure you write the correct answer down so you can check them once everyone is done. This is really fun and a lot harder then you might think.

  11. Scavenger hunt
    Have guests hunt around for a list of baby items. First person/team to return all the items wins.

  12. Time capsule
    Instruct guests to bring an item to the shower for baby's time capsule. Have guests write a letter, and place their item in the time capsule, then put away for safekeeping until baby is older.

  13. Watermelon baby
    Have enough watermelons on hand for each guest or per team. Provide things such as markers, tape, glue, paper, scissors, fake hair, etc. Have guests decorate their melon and award a prize for the best baby.

  14. Pass the pacifier
    Give each guest a pencil/pen. Instruct guests to put the pencils in their mouths, and keep their hands behind their backs. Place a pacifier on one player's pencil, and have the players pass the pacifier from one person to another, around the circle, without using their hands. If a player drops the pacifier, they are out of the game. Winner is the last person left in the game.

  15. Bobbing for pacis
    Fill a large container with water or substance such as pudding or oatmeal. Place several pacifiers inside the water/mixture and without using their hands, have guests try to retrieve as many as possible with their mouths.

  16. Who knows mommy best
    Make sure all of your guests are on equal playing ground before doing this game. Someone who just met mom a few days ago would certainly not have a chance when playing against the mom-to-be's parents.
    Come up with 15-20 questions relating to mom-to-be, such as:
    "what was her favorite childhood movie?"
    "how many children does she want?"
    "who was her elementary school crush?".
    Award a prize to the person with the most correct answers.

  17. Songs/Movies with baby
    Give guests a time limit to name as many songs/movies with the word Baby in the title as possible.

  18. Guess who
    Instruct guests to bring a baby photo of them to the shower. Place all photos in a focal point, such as the coffee table, and have guests try to match each baby photo to the guest they belong to. The winner is the person with most correct guesses.

  19. Lucky ducky
    Fill a baby bathtub or other such container with water, and float rubber ducky toys in it. Put a mark under one of the ducks, and award a prize to the guest who picks the marked ducky from the pond.

  20. Concentration
    Make baby related cards in sets of two. Place them face down in rows. Guests take turns trying to match up cards. If the succeed in making a match, the get to go again. Guest with most matches wins.
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