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  Co-ed Baby Shower Games

  1. Belly Race
    It is really funny and excellent couples or co-ed shower idea. Blow up some balloons, have all the men in the room (or women) put one under their shirts, and then have a race to see which one of them can tie their shoes the fastest. The mom-to-be will absolutely love watching them.
    Please Note: Be careful though, all the laughing might put her into labor.

  2. Fastest Baby Bottle Drinker
    Have a few baby bottles filled with something ready to drink. Start a timer. The person who is done drinking first is the winner. It's fun for daddy's to do this. It is more difficult to drink out of a baby bottle then you think. You will learn just how hard it is to drink out of a baby bottle.

  3. Pin the diaper on a balloon
    The parents to be race to put diaper on a balloon. Whoever finishes first without popping the balloon, wins!

  4. Potato Drop
    Take a good size potato (that you can hold in your knees) and a jar. place the jar on the floor then put the potato between your knees and walk and try to drop the potato into the jar without using your hand only your knees. It's a great fun for all.

  5. Multi-tasking Dad
    Have two people hold up a clothesline. Give the dad-to-be or any male participant a baby doll to hold, a telephone to talk on, and a basket full of clothes to hang with clothespins. The timer begins whenever the dad receives a phone call (someone can call him from a cell phone). He must then proceed to have a conversation, hold the baby and hang out the clothes-all at the same time. The man to hang all clothes the quickest wins. This is really a fun for co-ed parties and the men get a taste of what a multi-tasking Mom does all day.

  6. It Takes Two
    This may be a very good idea for co-ed baby shower. Get two people and/or couples have them stand side by side. For example: man on left - woman on right. Have man's right hand and women left hand to assist each other in dressing a baby doll. It's amazing to watch how difficult it is to dress some tiny babies without tossing it around. The guests will laugh very much on this. It's really a fun to watch this

  7. Bobbing for pacis
    Fill a large container with water or substance such as pudding or oatmeal. Place several pacifiers inside the water/mixture and without using their hands, have guests try to retrieve as many as possible with their mouths.

  8. Pin the Pacifier on the Baby
    Just have someone draw up a big baby face on paper and make a bunch of pacifiers out of different colored paper. Have the guests stand about five feet away, blindfold them, spin them around three times and let them go. Whoever comes the closest to getting the pacifier in the baby's mouth is winner of the game.

  9. Parents-to-be Trivia
    Have guests answer a series of questions about the parents-to-be (where did they meet, what are their pet names for each other). Award prize to the person with the most correct answers.

  10. Don't Drop Baby (Water Balloon Toss)
    This is a best co-ed shower game idea. It's an outdoor game. Fill up water balloons (several for each guest) and have each guest pick a partner. Partners take turns tossing the water balloons back and forth trying not to drop them. Prize awarded to the couple who goes longest without dropping all their balloons.

  11. How well the parents-to-be knows each other
    Write two separate lists of questions, one about mom-to-be and one about dad-to-be.
    Questions can be things like:
    "How many children does ____ want?"
    "What form of discipline does _____ plan to use?" and other things regarding parenting that a couple might disagree about.
    Give mom the questions about dad and vice versa to complete. Have them read the answers aloud and see how well their answers matched.
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