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 Free Baby Shower Games : Famous Mothers Games

  1. Celebrity Baby Name Match
    Each guest is given a list. The list contains celebrity moms on the left, and a list of names on the right. The guests have to match the celebrity mom to the name of her baby. Who matches the most correct is the winner.
    Example: Nicole Kidman would by matched to Connor.
    You can found the names of celebrity's children online.

  2. Name that mommy
    Using real or fictional mothers, have guests try to determine the famous moms using a series of hints.
    Example: My son is the President = Barbara Bush.
    My 3 daughters all had hair of gold, like me = Carol Brady.

  3. Famous Mothers
    Pin the name of a famous mother on the back of each guest. Each guest mingles amongst the other guests and asks them yes or no questions to try to guess who they are.
    Ex: "Am I still alive?" "Am I a movie star?"
    The first person to guess right is winner of the game. Typically, one of the guests has the name of the mother-to-be on their back.

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