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 Baby Shower Activities

  1. Birthday candle wishes
    Ask each guest to write out a wish for the baby. After the party, write out the wishes onto small pieces of paper and wrap each one around a candle. Place the candles in a pretty bag and present it to the mom-to-be.

    The meaning behind this activity is that one candle be used on the child's birthday cake each year. So, if you have twenty guests to the party, the baby can have one wish each year on his/her birthday cake up to the age of twenty.

  2. Plant a tree
    A simple activity is Have guests' pitch-in to plant a tree in baby's honor. Very nice to watch the tree grows along with baby.

  3. Inventions
    Have guests invent (in theory, on paper) a new baby product (for example, automatic diaper changer). Prize awarded to the most creative/useful invention.

  4. Advice
    Have guests write their best baby advice and suggestions for the mother-to-be to keep and read after baby is born.

  5. Advice
    Fold regular pieces of paper in half, one per guest. Have each guest write one baby question for example, how do you test to see if formula is too hot? What do you do if baby has a fever? etc. on one side of their paper. After everyone is done writing their question, have everyone fold the paper so that the question is hidden, and pass them one or two people to the right. Now instruct guests to write an answer to a random baby question without looking inside their paper to see what the actual question was on the outside of the paper. After everyone is done writing, let everyone open up the paper to reveal the question inside, then read the question and answer aloud to the room. You will get some funny answers.
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