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 Candeled Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

If you want to keep candled baby shower as a theme of your baby shower party then just decorate shower party with the colourful candles. Here are some great ideas and suggestion to go for such a theme of baby shower follow them and have great decorations for your party.

  • The Candle Tree :

    On of them is the Christmas trees, and Easter Trees, so just add candle effect to your party by making a tree that is dripping with candies. For that buy a small potted real tree, or you can also place leafless tree branches in steel bucket of Plaster of Paris. Once you final with the tree selection then attach Christmas tree hooks, gummy items, or molded chocolates in the shapes of baby teddy bears, booties, bottles, and carriages etc. Just hang on the tree like you would Christmas ornaments to have good look. Then make a topper by stacking soft candy through the centers adjusting the length of floral wire, bend into a star, and moon like different shape you select.

  • Napkin Ties :

    You can make use of nice candles as crisp linen napkins have a sweet-tooth flair when you tie Twizzlers or other licorice sticks around napkins instead of napkin rings.

  • Candied Apple Placecard Holders :

    Candied apple kits are easily found at your any local grocery store. Or you can make your own candied apples, place in pink or blue muffin papers. to use them as placecards, cut narrow strips of heavy paper and write guests' names on it. Punch whole in the end of each paper strip and pull twine or ribbon through the whole and tie around apple stick. Have a decoration by placing them at each setting for an edible placecard holder. [an error occurred while processing this directive]