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 Baby Shower Cake Recipe - 1

Below given is the recipe for baby shower cake with vanilla flavor and you can bake it as unique, fondant or block shaped cakes. You just follow the steps for the recipe given below and bake a wonderful cake for your baby's shower. The given recipe will make approximately 28 baby cakes for a baby shower party. Last thing is when you know the baby is a girl or a boy, then you can go for all the baby cakes of blue colour for a boy baby shower and pink for a girl baby shower party.

Cake Ingredients :

  1. One teaspoonful baking powder
  2. Half a teaspoonful of vanilla extract
  3. A pink food coloring
  4. Six oz softened butter
  5. Eight oz corn flour/cornstarch
  6. Four oz superfine sugar
  7. Blue food coloring
  8. Two eggs
  9. One tablespoonful milk

Steps to Follow :

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